Meet Kelly

IMG_7886My name is Kelly.

I love the intersection of writing/culture/activism. I had no platform. The question for me was: How do I create a space for myself and other women of color in New Orleans to share their voices? In 2011, I was struggling to figure out my life’s direction. I was a new mom trying to reassess my career. I had little time and money, but I had friends and a vision. I planted where I was and was born.

Today, is growing faster than I ever imagined. I am often hired to cover events, write/develop content, work production, facilitate groups and serve as a publicist.


My background in poetry, magazine writing, PR, business and digital literacy/strategies helped shape

Some of my recent clients include: The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, The New Orleans Multicultural Network, The Institute for Women & Ethnic Studies , Essence Festival and more.

Drop me an email at