Content Sharing Policy takes great care in creating and providing unique and useful content. I have been enraged by sites and especially publications with paid subscribers reprinting content without permission.

When sharing content you must give appropriate credit, provide a link to, and indicate if changes were made from original post. All content including photos and content on is original and the property of KHD Communications, LLC, unless noted.

Please share, but do not copy. What do I mean?
Sharing is when…

You give credit to and the author
You link back to the original article
You have permission to share an entire article from’s Editor
You include a summary of the article with your own words, but encourage the reader to visit

Copying is when…

You cut and paste content without giving and the author credit.
You do not link back to the original article.
You don’t have permission from the editor, Kelly Harris, to share an entire article.

I am thankful that someone would deem content worthy of reprinting, but please, be courteous and ask first.

Email: or use the contact page.