Coping with Orlando and Living with Evil



Another Headline.


Facebook solidarity profiles.

Prayers for …

Social media sympathy feels rushed and at times, cliché for me.

We are urged to not be silent and for good reason.

We don’t want to be watchers of evil.

Mass killings play like a television mini-series.

Sandy Hook.

Virginia Tech.

San Bernardino.

Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.

How will this end or does the pile of human bodies keep growing?


Honestly, sometimes I have to sit in silence away from media to manage the trauma of mass violence.

It shakes me to live in this world with my husband and 3-year-old daughter.

50 human beings.

50 families impacted forever.

What can I say? What can I do? What hasn’t already been shared or retweeted?

The next shooter (s) knows he or she will die in the headlines and be talked about more in death than in life–this is their twisted heaven.

I do not want to crown killers.

I try to convince myself better days are coming but I have some doubts.

But today is a new (but difficult) day and we must love more vigorously than ever.

All our lives depends on it.


Kelly Harris is the founder and editor of