Notes & Pics from Prince SecondLine in New Orleans

You’re in the number. In the line and it’s moving and you’re moved–deeply moved.  It’s unexplainable.

Everyone you talk to has a Prince story.

Andrea (below) is wearing a the purple bra. She lives in Miami. She sent her friend, Ava, a text at 4:30 am CT the day of the second line.  It read: “I’m on a flight to New Orleans for the Second Line. I know it’s kinda rash but I can’t miss it.”


@andreperryedu brought his son to experience the royal party.

aperry and son

Purple Hair. Don’t Care.


If you live in New Orleans, more than likely you’ve got some glitter or feathers around the house just in case you need to make a RIP Prince umbrella.  Get it y’all.

prince 1

Some locals say the second lines should only be reserved for New Orleanians.  The beauty of the second lines for Prince, Nelson Mandela and Michael Jackson is how  larger than life people become part of the streets of New Orleans.


So y’all got ruffle shirts just hanging in your closet, huh?











Young. Old. Black. White & Everythang in Between. IMG_3386

Prince Rogers Nelson

June 7, 1958 – April 21, 2016










Pics by:, Andre Perry and Ava Rogers.