(Recap) Kindred: Celebrating Black Women Artists

BrassyBrown.com &The New Orleans Octavia Butler Emergent Strategy Collective  commemorated the 10th anniversary of the death of Octavia Butler and  honored other Black Women Writers on February 24th.


“Every story I create, creates me. I write to create myself.”
― Octavia E. Butler


We are creating ourselves and our community is listening.

Here’s a few snippets from Kindred: Celebrating Black Women in the Arts at the Keller Library.

Desiree Evans, Writer/Activist 

“can you bring me back to before? can we walk backwards to the edge of our lives, race back to those sugar-sweet days where we threw away the sun, danced your freestyle pop-lock with the equator at our backs?”

Soraya Jean-Louis McElroy,  Visual Arts Scholar/Creative

“Octavia E. Butler informs my mothering/parenting and Doula love work. Octavia E. Butler, as far as we know was not a mother/parent. She spent her life birthing fantastical visionary stories with nuanced and complex characters. Her parables are rich stories that examine the varied identities we embody, our humanism and the necessary advent of evolution through constant change. Her work sparks me to evolve, to change, to actualize all the possibilities of myself. He work is an invitation to be and to do differently what is comfortable and traditional; we must be willing to experience what challenges us if we are to grow and be emergent. Her work fosters courageous practice. As a mother/parent , doula and expansively expressed black womyn- Octavia’s Butler’s work helps me to navigate all aspects of my living in brave new ways. Mothering/parenting requires everyday acts of brave love and her work is a dynamic landscape of blueprints.”


Danielle Giylot, Writer 

Read her letter to her younger self (and now she is engaged!)

(Me) Kelly Harris, BrassyBrown.com Editor, read 3 poems. Listen to “Mrs. Potato (Rachel Dolezal) here.

Kysha Brown Robinson,  Writer/Priestess

Read and lead us in a community exercise of thanksgiving.

“When you align your thoughts, words, emotions, and actions, you have an opportunity to not only experience ease and flow for yourself, but also in your relationships.”

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Octavia Butler Resources: http://www.tulane.edu/~wc/text/Zale/butler/online.html