Interview with Carole Boston Weatherford

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Freedom in Congo Square, written by Carole Boston Weatherford, illustrated by R. Gregory Christie, and with a foreword by Freddi Williams Evans.

Congo Square is the sacred home of enslaved Africans and their descendants in New Orleans. In Louisiana’s French and Spanish colonial era of the 18th century, slaves were often allowed Sundays off from work. During their “off days” enslaved Africans would drum and dance.

The ritual continues.

Every Sunday, African drumming and dancing  honor and preserve ancestral spirit and culture.

Children’s author  Carole Boston Weatherford’s  new book, Freedom in Congo Square, chronicles the terror of slavery in 19th century Louisiana. The story is written in verse, accompanied by colorful illustrations.

In a recent interview, Carole Boston Weatherford  and I talked about her new book,  and more. Listen:

Carole Boston Weatherford will be signing books in New Orleans in February 2016.

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