RECAP: Living Beyond Your Vision Tour

By Kelly Dorsey-Parker


Renee Jefferson- Smith is a  certified life coach and entrepreneur. Her first stop of her Living Beyond Your Vision Tour was in New Orleans at the ALOFT hotel in Central Business District on October 10th.

“This all started when I woke up, I said I was going on tour and ideally, when I was putting this event together in my head, I wanted it to be more that a vision board party,” Jefferson-Smith says.. “My intention was to help heal broken hearts and more so, unforgiving souls. Until we can really get those things together in our personal lives, we can’t really have a solid foundation to move forward.”


Photo: C Freedom Photography: Renee Jefferson- Smith, Thais Mills & Sally Ann Roberts

Jefferson-Smith began her seven city tour in the big easy, thanks to the event’s city ambassador, Thais Mills; who believed the importance of seeing visions and passions to fruition was something that needed to be shared with women in her hometown.
“When I was approached with the opportunity to be City Ambassador of New Orleans I was blown away!” Mills said. “This tour was so soul changing. Being able to expose the women of my hometown to a more productive method of thinking was so important to me.

“New Orleans was amazing!” Jefferson-Smith said. “It over exceeded my expectations. “If I were sitting in the audience there, I would be like, on fire and ready to go ready to start this new life!”

Mills, founder of the Biddy Gumbo book club, the city’s first baby book club is also the publisher of
“Most times we can be our own worst enemy and the activities on this tour tackles that with hard hitting methods. “she adds.
Jefferson-Smith touched on the importance of forgiveness to those in attendance and participants were urged to accept mistakes and circumstances and forgive themselves. Jefferson-Smith spoke from the heart and shared deep personal experiences that were difficult, but likely necessary in her journey to success.

“I want individuals to know that this is not about just creating a hobby; every day you need to wake up you need to be doing something to move forward in regard to what ‘s on your board and live out your dream,” she says. “Growing up, although I was provided with everything I could have possibly wanted, I still made some bad decisions,” she shared. “It’s about learning how to reestablish that foundation to get you where you need to be so you can move forward to live out your dreams in your own personal life.”

The participants were treated to a bit of inspirational lagniappe, as honoree Sally Ann Roberts, of WWL-TV shared personal stories of challenges and successes, along with motivation and encouragement.

“Her speech on determination, prayer and purpose shapes the soul and I was so moved.” Thais Mills said.
She also stated that donation will be made to Roberts’ EachOneSaveOne foundation at the conclusion of the tour.

Jefferson-Smith hopes participants keep in mind that the journey towards achieving goals may start with a vision board, but must continue with a few key components. “You have to remain patient—I can’t stress that enough,” she said. “You have to be 100 percent committed and disciplined; all of these things are very important. “You’ll face different hurdles and obstacles. Sometimes people will stray away from the goal during this time, but you have to remain focused and disciplined. Patience is the key.”

Next stop on the tour takes place November 14th in Chicago. For more on Renee Jefferson-Smith, visit her website: