Chat & Chew with Ledisi at Ashe Cultural Arts Center

Ledisi spoke to a packed Ashe Cultural Center on July 8th for the second Chat & Chew with Safe Haven Management. The evening began with a one-on-one conversation between Ledisi and her manager, Roland Jack.


Jack, a Dillard University alum and New Orleans native, posed questions to Ledisi about her struggles to be respected, visible and paid in the music industry. For Ledisi it’s been a long grind to the top. She’s slept on friends’ couches, split $500 with a band, demanded proper pronunciation of her name, gigged in hole in the walls for pennies and contemplated giving up –all before signing to a major record deal.


Ashe Cultural Center has long been the nurturing place for local artists to learn from other artists, hone skills and network. Aspiring singers from the audience were given a chance to sing for Ledisi and get advice. I heard some beautiful voices but what was clear was talent alone is often not enough for sustainability in the music industry. You always have to be thinking of next steps.


What artist would you like to get advice from?

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