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By Kelly Harris

Some people may have been introduced to her on NBC’s “The Voice,” but New Orleanians were fans of Tonya Boyd Cannon long before she was on television. She worked with the Orleans Parish Prison choir and gigged locally and regionally before that national exposure. I talked with Tonya Boyd-Cannon about singing for television and remaining confident in a demanding industry.


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1) Many people are just getting to know your music, but you’ve been pursuing music and performing for a while. Can you describe what life feels like these days to be Tonya Boyd-Cannon?

Life has been even more inspiring and motivating. My days start early and end late, majority of the time, but I cannot complain. Not only am I grateful to be me, but I am blessed to wake up and do what I love.

2) You’re a wife and a mother. How do you balance your dreams with being present with your family?
My dreams are not only mine, but they are my family’s as well. I want a successful career in music; therefore scheduling/planning is done with consideration of them and how my time will be spent. I also include “down time” where I am able to have “me-time” for meditation/prayer, fitness, vocal rest and lounging with my hubby.

3) The music industry is relentless and very judgmental when it comes to women artists. You’re a bald beauty. Have you ever struggled to embrace your beauty and body?I don’t recall “struggling,” but I do work hard to keep my body and beauty in shape. I love being “Bald and Beautiful” and I continue to tell myself “You are GOLDEN!” If I were to worry about what society says I should be, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Yes, I’m bald! Yes, I’m plus size! And yes, I’m happy to be me! Everyone else is taken.

4) Describe what it was like to the on “The Voice.” What don’t people get about singing on television?
The Voice” was an awesome journey, where I was able to perform before some amazing, major artists/producers/writers and the world! These performances required many rehearsals, staging, wardrobe fittings, vocal rest, regular rest and more. “To whom much is given; much is required!”

5) What would you say to people who hit road blocks while pursuing their dreams?
To all artists, writers, designers, stylists, entrepreneurs, etc. “Never give up on your dream because you never know when you will wake up living it.”


Featured Image: Photo Credit: Romney Photography

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