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Selfie with Anita Wilson. (2014)

I meet Anita Wilson at the 2014 Essence Festival during a Design Essential Party for Ledisi. Anita was very kind, down-to-earth and patience with my phone when I asked her to join me for a selfie. Fast forward a year later, I finally get an interview. Anita Wilson has been nominated for Grammy®, Stellar, and Dove-awards. She masterfully balances traditional and contemporary gospel music with her vocals. Here’s our quick interview:




1) Do you feel gospel music can empower people regardless of their faith? 

I do believe that gospel music can empower people regardless of their faith. That’s the beauty of gospel and inspirational music – it transcends all boundaries. Therefore no matter what walk of life you come from, this music can connect with you and uplift any spirit in a very real way!

2) What can people expect from you at this year’s Essence Fest Empower U?

I’m so excited to be a part of the Essence Music Festival again this year! I’ll be performing music from my new album Vintage Worship, including my new single “You Love Me”, which is proving to be lots of fun when we share it live. I’ll also do some music from my 1st album– it’s gonna be a blast!

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3) What’s the biggest myth people tend to have about gospel artists? 

I think some people tend to assume that artists are untouchable and never want to be bothered. That couldn’t be further form the truth for me because I absolutely love meeting supporters in person and taking a moment to chat, take pics etc! That’s never a bother! I also think that some people sometimes fail to consider the humanity of artists. Meaning we have good days as well as bad, emotions, concerns, rough times etc. So if you happen to catch us at a rough time, remember that we aren’t exempt from life’s challenges. So keep us in your prayers!


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Check out Anita Wilson in New Orleans this month!

July 3rd
Essence Festival Empower U
Convention Center
July 5th
Verizon Wireless booth
Convention Center