Editor Co-Edits Book with IWES NOLA editor, Kelly Harris and The Institute for Women & Ethnic Studies co-edited, Crooked Room: Stories from New Orleans.

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Join us for “The Crooked Room Conversation Series that explores 6 themes of the book, Crooked Room: Stories from New Orleans, focusing on one theme each month. Kelly will serve as the facilitator. We welcome women of color to discuss and reflect on these shared experiences in a nurturing space where we’ll have candid conversations moving forward towards collective healing.




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May- Self-defined or Other Determined
June- The Next Generation (middle & high school girls are invited to attend)
July- Post Racial? Myth or Reality/ Crooked Room Consequences

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Participants of a May Crooked Room Conversation.


Light refreshments will be provided. RSVP required:

About Crooked Room: Stories from New Orleans
In 2012, as part of the IWES’ community based human recovery efforts, Wisdom Circles were conducted with fifty five African-American women of varying age and backgrounds. The circles explored how stereotypes, shame, and racism shape their current sense of self-efficacy and agency. These poignant, beautiful and difficult discussions were analyzed and compiled to create the Crooked Room: Stories from New Orleans book.

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The Crooked Room: Stories from New Orleans is now available online. Read it below.