Monday Motivation #4: Carry On

Endia Davis continues her Monday Motivation series. This week’s affirmation is: carry on.

To carry on, means to continue in the path, tasks, and assignments that you divinely want and have been placed here to do. We all have missions that we have been created to fulfill. We all have been destined to live a life that is rich in abundance and full of joy, so it is important that we carry on with all diligence to the life that you desire. Continue with perseverance to the goal that you have set for yourself.

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It can be fulfilling to have reached a moment in life that you have always dreamed of accomplishing. However, there are moments that can distract you from your target. Oppositions should strengthen you, not delay you. Fear should drive you, not back you down from what you truly want in life. We all have that thing we hate to do. We want to do it, but we are too afraid to try because of being nervous or being too concerned about what others think, but those are the times when you drive forward to what you want.

Not wanting to fail often keeps people from pursuing people their dreams. Failure is not permanent state of being. It may sound corny, but failing is a state of mind. A situation that you see as failure could save you from a lifetime of misery. Don’t be discouraged. Things may not go the way you expect them to, but choose to carry on. Look beyond what did not work and keep focused and continue on the path and a state of gratefulness.

Remaining in a state of gratefulness and being helps you fulfill your calling and allows your mind to gravitate and pull you towards the path of success you want. A state of gratefulness will cause your mind to stay open to new ideas and opportunities. Choosing to focus on the failure shuts down your mind and the creative thought process. Keep going; keep striving for what you want. Refuse to give up, refuse to be hindered, and refuse to be discouraged.

Carry on!


Endia, xoxoxo

Endia Davis