Monday Motivation #2: Stop At Nothing!

Endia Davis continues her Monday Motivation on Yes, it’s Monday! No excuses. Take your place in purpose!  Let’s go BrassyBrown Fam!


Stop at Nothing
Victory is always our end goal. There is always a process, trust the process, go with the process. Keep going into you get what you want. If you hear a no today, keep going until you get a yes. The friction you feel is just energy being shifted to make room for you. Nothing will come easy! The world is gravitating to you, don’t give up and don’t give in. This is the year to get everything you desire. It is time to take charge to live out your life’s dream.



Steadfast. Be unwavering for your dreams. Stand firm in faith, knowing what you were called to be will manifest. You may face rejection along the way, but keep striving, keep going until you get what you want. And if people don’t want to give you a chance, believe a path will be created for you.
Trials. When adversity comes, knocking at your door, know that you are on the right path. If you never go through any trial, how would you ever know who you were? How would you know how strong of a person you are? Opposition comes to build you, not to distract you. Deal with it and keep pushing.

❧You will only lose when you stop❧

Open. Be open for change and transition. Your life may go through many twists and turns. You may not understand everything you go through, but know every turn is leading you to your dreams. I can certainly say there are things I experienced in my life that I did not understand, but I can happily say now I am glad they happened, because I have met my destiny and I am living my dreams. Be open to change. Be open to life. Be open to just live!
Place. Everyone, no matter who you are or where you come from, has a gift to offer. We were all born for greatness and born to succeed. Do not be afraid to take your place and be who you are. Don’t allow negative thoughts and words to cloud your mind to take you from your life’s purpose. Stop at nothing because that’s just what the opposition is nothing, it’s all a mirage! Take your place!

❧ Be Steadfast in Trials and Open to take your Place in the world. ❧

Endia, xoxoxo


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