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Natural hair is trendy and big business now. Perm kits have seen a significant decline in revenue.Retails store shelves are full of twist creams, anti-shrinkage puddings and edge gels. Beauty companies have taken note and launched several natural hair products to keep up with the pace of natural hair converts. Natural hair tutorials abound on Youtube. If you want a natural hairstyle, there are products and resources to help you get there. Many women are no longer worried about hair rejection.

Meet Danette Thierry.She was #teamnatural (as she often posted on social media) but now she’s changed her mind. and Danette talk hair and why she’s returning to the creamy crack.

1) How long were you natural?
I decided to go natural in the fall of 2011 (for the second time). Honestly, there was no really deep reason why I went natural. I’ve always taken really good care of my hair. At  the time I decided to go natural, I was in a transition in my life (about to buy my first home) and I just wanted a change.

danette 1
2014: Big Hair Don’t Care.


2) Did you find going natural difficult? Were you a product junkie?
Yes! I didn’t do a “big chop” because the previous year I had cut my hair really short like it is now and it had grown to right below my ears by October (haircut was in July of 2010). I just stopped getting relaxers and yes, I was a product junkie. My go to product was Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls. I have curly/wavy hair and I loved how the product gave my hair definition. From there, I began using Shea Moisture, Cantu and Diva Curls products. It got really expensive but it was worth it

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3) What lessons, if any, did you learn while going through the natural process?
Through following natural bloggers and going on this natural journey with some of my friends, I think I discovered a deeper level of beauty beyond elaborate hairdos and makeup. I’ve never been a big makeup wearer. Truth is: I spent a lot of time on my hair before going natural. Initially it took some time to learn how to manage my natural hair, but it eventually became easier and effortless to prepare for the day. I saw myself in a different light and realized I was a naturally beautiful person. It may sound corny, but through my hair I found a beauty in myself that I had never seen before. It was like the true me was coming out and I didn’t worry about impressing any person or group of people; I was happy with how I looked.

4) What made you decide to return to the “creamy crack?”
I just wanted a change. I love who I am and loved the way my hair looked while natural, but my hair had gotten really long and has always been thick and the hair care routine was becoming tiring. I had contemplated a haircut for a while and the one that I wanted just wouldn’t work with my natural curls so I consulted with my beautician (who is my aunt) and decided to get my edges laid.

danette 4
February 2015. Danette’s new hair.


5) I have a theory that often when a woman does a big chop or major hair change, it’s a response to something going on in her life. Our hair is so connected to our head. Was there a trigger for your new style?
Initially I thought that I just wanted a new hairdo because I felt like my hair has looked the same for the last three and a half years. However, deep down, my ‘makeover’ is kind of tied to putting myself back out there on the dating scene. I turned 33 last month and a bunch of my really close friends are now married and starting families. Now don’t get me wrong, I think I’m a 10 and a GREAT woman, but I just feel that changing things up a bit is good. Now I am  #teamnewdo, #newme!

6) One word to describe your newest hair journey?

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