Trying to convince a Christian that Mike Brown’s Life Mattered

So you may not have “stolen cigars” in your life. Good for you. You don’t have a criminal record. Good for you. But you’ve done something in your lifetime you ain’t have no business doing. No one is an angel.

If you were a TV pundit or a white racist, maybe I could overlook your indignation, but you are a Christian arguing with clichés like: If you do the crime, you do the time. Nothing you say sounds remotely like long-suffering or mercy.

You’re getting louder now and quoting scriptures at me as if I am some heathen. I, too, am Christian. The same Bible you quote tells us that not one, but two, thieves hung on the cross beside Jesus.

You seem so angry with Mike Brown for “stealing” cigars, but I wonder do you work 40 hours per week? Are you online when you should be working? Ever made copies at work for things un-related to work and hoped no one would notice? Taken folders, pens, paperclips? How long do you really break for lunch? Hmmm.

Are you proud of everything you’ve done in your life? Where’s your sympathy for those who mourn?

“He was jaywalking! He was breaking the law!”

I heard you the first time.

Note to self: Am I really trying to convince a Christian that a person deserves mercy?

Pharrell asked why we aren’t we talking about what he called Mike Brown’s bullyish ways.


We can talk about him shoving the clerk on camera, but again, as a Christian, I had hoped you wouldn’t be leading the condemnation choir of Mike Brown. By the way, this isn’t the first bully you’ve seen recently. Congress comes to mind.

I’ve been reading your posts, watching your rants—You are quite the Christian extraordinaire. You manage to point out what’s wrong with the Black community while conveniently ignoring  churches that are negligent in the Black community. You act as if your skin is other.

Sorry we embarrass you.

I am a Christian. I am not perfect.
I am concerned with humanity’s problems and not just with those who sit on my pew.

Yes, I’ve read Saints tight end Benjamin Watson’s Facebook post. And he’s right (from a Christian perspective) that sin is at the root of many problems, but don’t use his words to lay all sin at Mike Brown’s feet. Darren Wilson, you can believe, is not without sin.Racism, slavery, apartheid, Jim Crow were all legal sins that still have ramifications today.

You’ve deleted and block me from being your Facebook friend.

One less friend is not the end of the world.

What is unfortunate is that one Christian cannot respectfully question another.

Maybe this ain’t about Mike Brown or Darren Wilson.

Maybe God wants us to do better.


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