Ameca Reali wants to help clean your criminal record

Recently I spoke with Ameca Reali (she’s amazing) about Clean Jacket Day in New Orleans. Clean Jacket Day is an opportunity to get your record expunged. The Justice and Accountability Center works with people who have been both arrested for and convicted of non-violent crimes. The people JAC serves a range from those who are innocent ( just arrests, DA never filed charges) to those who have served their sentences, completed them, paid all fines fees and restitution and are deserving of a second chance.

Having a “clean” record can help remove barriers such as  employment and driving restrictions that come with having a criminal record. Expungement helps people rejoin their families after release from supervision. All of which decrease the likelihood of recidivism.

Watch Ameca’s invitation to Clean Jacket Day below:


46% of the people served are women with dependent children. Women who without jobs, education, housing, access to healthcare cannot care for their families and keep their children out of the care of relatives or the state. Source: Ameca Reali

Children with parents in the criminal justice system are more likely to be in the care of relatives or the state foster care system, to suffer from physical and mental health issues and have a higher risk of becoming engaged with the criminal justice system themselves.

Clean Day Jacket is being held at Christian Unity Baptist Church (the church I attend). Last year 500 people attended Clean Jacket Day at Christian Unity with no pressure to join the congregation or give money. It it reminder that churches have many resources to offer their communities beyond membership. Read about Christian Unity’s Sister Circle here:

IMG_5038 (1)Has your record held you back? Do you know someone who needs to get their record cleaned?

 What you should know ahead of time:

  1. Checklist:!expungement-materials/c1wk2
  2. Follow parking rules to avoid tickets and towing.
  3. Be prepared and patient.

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