Meet Courtney M. Thomas

Our “Meet____” series is dedicated to highlighting phenomenal women of color in New Orleans. Up next is Courtney M. Thomas.


  1. Born & Raised or Transplant? Born and raised!
  2. Day Job? Account Executive at GMc+Co. Advertising 
  3. Dream Job? Anything that would allow me to eat amazing food and drink great wine everyday.
  4. Advice for tourists? If it looks a little shady, it’s probably amazing!
  5. What I love about NOLA? I love the mix of cultures, the resilience of the people, the way we find ANY reason to party and of course, the food!
  6. The biggest myth about New Orleans? That it’s not family friendly. This is truly a city that has something for everyone!
  7.  What has living in New Orleans taught you? It’s taught me to live in the moment. Sometimes you have to let go and just have a great time.
  8.  Tell us an interesting fact about yourself. I have a love hate relationship with fitness. I love working out but I love to eat even more. I’m the girl who will work out then eat a shrimp po-boy.
  9. If I could  spend one day with a person dead or alive it  would it be Marie Lavueu. I’m absolutely intrigued by her.
  10. Best  advice I’ve ever received: 1) Don’t focus so much on your destination that you forget to enjoy the journey. Sometimes the journey is the most beautiful part. 2) People will talk about you no matter what, so you might as well do what the hell you want!
  11. If you could choose your age forever, what age would you be and why? I would definitely say 26 (my current age). I’ve finally learned that, no matter what, I control my happiness. It’s a liberating feeling and I’m loving it!
  12.  A BrassyBrown woman is bold, intelligent, resourceful, witty and intrinsically beautiful.

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