Meet Teniesha Biagas continues its “Meet________” series with Teniesha Biagas. Teniesha is one of many New Orleans women of color who are shaping recovery and the future of the city.


Meet Teniesha Biagas

Born & Raised or Transplant? Transplant. Houston, TX by way Friendswood, TX by way of La Marque, TX (30 miles north of Galveston Island)

Day Job? Fundraiser for U.S. Senator and Co-Founder of

Dream Job? Marketing Director at GucciTeinesha B
Advice for tourists? When in New Orleans, do as the New Orleanians do. Visit Dooky Chase, Lil Dizzy’s, Olivier’s, Willie Mae’s. Visit Le Musee. It’s a museum that features the history of the free colored people. Have a French 75. Visit Congo Square. Try a beignet. Ride the street car. Don’t call it a trolley like I did when I first got here. Immerse yourself in the culture.

What do you love about NOLA? I love the people of New Orleans. Since 2005, I’ve never met a stranger. The people of New Orleans make you feel at home. That’s what I love!

What’s the biggest myth about young black professionals in NOLA? There isn’t much of a young professional community in New Orleans. I beg to differ. We’re here. And we’re creating things on the regular. We’re lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs building drones, creating municipal bond websites, writing children’s book and so much more. That was one of the reasons I created We have to know what our people are doing, take pride in what our people are doing and support those people.

What has NOLA taught you? New Orleans has taught me to live life the way you want to live it and to never worry what people think about it. The people of New Orleans are some of the most honest, down to earth, care-free and creative people I will probably ever meet. I’ve learned so much and I will forever be indebted.

What people don’t know about you? I have introvert moments. I know right, how can someone so active and well-known be an introvert? I like to call myself a recovering introvert. My mom always recognized that I was a quiet little girl, so she kept me active. . I was a Girl Scout at the age of 5 and enrolled in dance class. I was a cheerleader by 5th grade. I had leading roles in my elementary school plays. I was class president in middle school. By high school I became very active with the black history club, PALS program which is a mentoring program and eventually culminated to becoming nominated for the homecoming and prom court my senior year. But I get in the bouts where I’ll go want to go and network, but I have to push myself to meet speak to people and I’ve even had episodes where I drive to the venue and psych myself out and never go inside. Instead I stay in the car, make the block and go home. Funny right? 

If you could spend one day with a person dead or alive who would it be and why? It would it be my dad’s birth mother. I haven’t met her yet. She’s somewhere in Houston or Louisiana and I would like to talk to you her and get to know her so that I can know more about where I come from.

Best professional advice you’ve ever received?  Do more talk less.

Your life motto: It’s a combination of things that my mom and dad and grandmother Annabelle have recited to me and things I’ve witnessed over the years. 
Self Preservation
My dad has always told me since I can remember that “the first law of man is self preservation.” I always make sure to look out for myself first, but not in an evil way. I just try to look at situations and make sure I’m not being taken advantage of in any way. 
My grandmother Annabelle is a saint. Service to other has always been her calling. And because she would drag my brothers and me around during the summers, is where my big heart came from. I make it a priority to give when I can. Whether it’s advice on what to do next in your career down to connecting friends for networking purposes, I do my best to help whenever the opportunity presents itself. 
Hard Work
Both of my parents are hard working individuals. Hustlers of some sort, but true hard workers. And when you’re witness to hard work, you have no choice but to do the same. I will work and work until I get it. No excuses. Just ask my significant other, mom, friends etc.
A BrassyBrown woman is professional, even when no one is looking! *sassy finger snap!
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