Beyond Protests: What’s the Plan?

Ferguson desperately needs justice and a plan. We all need a plan for dealing with injustice before and after someone gets shot, so that when ish goes down we are not always starting from zero. The Ferguson police department went unchecked for so long, and for sure they are not the only problematic police department in this country. Here, in New Orleans the police have done some devilish things to black men. The pattern of injustice in this country should have alarmed us before now, but here we are again.


What are we going to do? Where do we start?

The problems seem overwhelming in our communities and in our country. The day after the police officer killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, a drive-by shooting in New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward left a 2- year-old with brain damage, a 4- year-old blind, wounded three and killed two/

I was devastated by not only the loss of black lives in my city, but the execution style in which it happened. And then there was Ferguson. I was drained emotionally.


How do we confront the problems in our community while simultaneously keeping the fire to the feet of the law?

Whether you like it or not, we still need votes. A 12% voter turnout rate in Ferguson’s last election is not enough to get rid of any prosecutor. For those of us who don’t live in Ferguson , the reality is we still have to watch our backs where we live. Two days after the Ferguson officer killed Michael Brown, a New Orleans police officer shot a A man in the head, was shot here in New Orleans and the police conveniently forgot to report it. Yes, our police chief left office right after that, but New Orleans and other cities could easily be Ferguson.
So what do we do in Ferguson and beyond?


Olympic Black Power Statue in San Jose
A picture I took of the Olympic Black Power Statue during a visit to San Jose


Everyone is not wired for protesting, and that’s fine. That’s not all we need.
I hear and read so much criticism about black people from black people on what’s the best approach to the fight were in. Truth is, this is a long battle. We are just further down the timeline now, but this is indeed a struggle.
How can you be a resource to your community? If you had to do an assessment of yourself, what skill human capital do you have that could help make a difference in your community?


Below I’ve created an informal skills/talent survey to see what lane(s) we believe we are in. I believe that if we knew all the skills and talents available in our communities and had it readily available we could be better prepared for the fight.
If you had to pick one area to work in your community, where would it be?


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