Samantha Beaulieu: Lessons from My Father

By Samantha Beaulieu, Actress/Radio Host


5 Things My Father Taught Me:


1. My father taught me that Samantha is Black and beautiful!

2. Don’t take no wooden nickels.

3. Everything you need to know about life, love and family, you can find in The Godfather and   Casablanca.

4. Being rich has nothing to do with money.

5. Crazy works!

samantha and dad
When I was two-years-old, my father would stoop down to my eye level and inquire, “Samantha is?” And, I would squeal with delight in child dialect, “BACK AND BOOTIFUL!” My father was the first person to teach me about self-love. He instilled in me, at a very early age, the notion that I was a black woman, and beautiful to boot. Growing up in New Orleans, where Creole girls abound, those lessons of “Samantha is Black and Beautiful” would prove to be the foundation for my future success and self-confidence.

Because of these lessons, and the countless pearls of wisdom my father has shared with me over the years, we have a special bond. I will be forever grateful for the time, commitment and love he put into parenting.

Thank you Dad for loving me, always being there for me, encouraging my dreams,
making me laugh, and for always putting us first.


Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!


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  • Tiana

    June 16, 2016

    Hey cousin. This was beautiful and on point in every way❤

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