Photos of the Fashionable Father

By L. Kasimu Harris, Guest Blogger

Torrence L. Taylor is dapper a man of many talents whose style ranges from dashikis to dark seersucker suits. He’s not afraid to add a pop of color to any outfit. Taylor, 38, a performance artist and teacher, became interested in being fresh and clean in junior high school.

“I couldn’t wait until summer came when I could wear what I wanted,” Taylor said, referring to the creative restrictions of school uniforms.

Taylor said style is in his blood and became evident when he looked at younger pictures of his parents. His philosophy about dressing comes from his mother and is one that he’s passing on to his 7 year-old-son, Kadar L. Taylor: “it don’t have to be expensive just clean and pressed.”

Torrence and Kadar were photographed by L. Kasimu Harris for to celebrate fashion and Father’s Day.


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  • Colette Taylor

    June 23, 2014

    This is my son “Ziggy” and his father Torrence… the pictures are gorgeous!!!

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