What My Father Taught Me About Dating

Kelly Harris, BrasyBrown.com Founder/Editor


My father has always been a part of my life. Before I got married, my dad always had advice for me when it came to men. He’s a straight shooter. He always emphasized that my choice in men said as much about me as the man I was dating. I am grateful for having a positive template of manhood in my life. Here’s some advice I’ve heard over the years about men and dating.


1) A date means you have plans that require you to prepare yourself to leave the house.

2) Who does he serve besides himself? A man that won’t give his time or money, will always have an excuse for not meeting your expectations. He’s got to have a willing heart.

3) He don’t have to be an intellectual, but he should be intelligent.

4) Don’t date a man that don’t have no hustle about himself.

5) If he’s cheap, he’s cheap. Don’t expect nothing else.

6) He don’t have to be a suit-type-of guy, but he should have a suit for an interview or funeral.

7) Be glad that he loves his mama, but don’t let his mama run your relationship.

8) If you can’t bring him around family. You don’t have a boyfriend, you have a secret. Tell that Negro bye.



What’s the best advice your father gave you?



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  • DrKim

    June 14, 2014

    “Tell that Negro bye!” Holla!!!

  • rbnsnf

    June 16, 2014

    5) If he’s cheap, he’s cheap. Don’t expect nothing else….that is sho’nuff the truth.

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