Meet Samantha Beaulieu

Occasionally, we highlight NOLA women you should know. Today’s feature is Samantha Beaulieu.

Photo By Jackson Beals

1. Born and Raised or Transplant? Born and Raised.

2. Day Job? Talk Radio Host at WBOK 1230 AM.

3. Dream Job? I’m doing it! Working Actor.

4. Advice for NOLA tourists? When you come here, leave your diet and healthy-living ideas at home. In New Orleans, it’s all about eating, drinking and being merry! Speaking of…the best gumbo and fried chicken can be found at Lil Dizzy’s Café in the historic Treme’ neighborhood. If you go for breakfast, order the shrimp and crabmeat omelet, fully loaded. It’s not on the menu. But it’s there!

5. What I love about NOLA? The fact that I am from this great city and my entire immediate family live here. So I’ll always have a place to crash for Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest, Essence Fest, Bayou Classic, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, French Quarter Fest, Po-Boy Fest, etc.

6. What have you learned from living in NOLA? Living in New Orleans has taught me that it’s okay to be scrappy. There is a “scrappiness”, or a feistiness…a persistent determination that the people of New

Orleans possess. And that’s okay. It’s great, in fact. When you feel something, it means you’re alive. Living in New Orleans has taught me that it’s totally acceptable to be passionate and loud at times.

7. Most important quality in a friend? Loyalty

8. Movie that moved you deeply and why? The Notebook. I’m a sucker for love stories, contrary to my comedic nature. To me, The Notebook is the ultimate love story. To witness a love spanning the course of so many years, and see it evolve and grow, and sometimes fall apart, is the most beautiful thing. I must have watched Rachel McAdams audition tape for that movie a thousand times. Okay, I’m exaggerating. A hundred times.

9. All-time favorite movie? Beyoncé’s music video album. Does that count?

10. What makes you laugh out loud? My sister. She’s hilarious. Together, we can be quite crazy. I’m always jotting down her one-liners. I’m going to steal them and put them in a script one day.

11. A BrassyBrown woman is Confident and not ruled by her fears.

12. Advice on following your dreams Know what it is that you want, see it in your mind, then work your you-know-what off to make it happen. If you can conceive it, you can achieve it.

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