10-year-old NOLA poet writes “The Women Revolution”

I was seeking poems from African-American girls in New Orleans for National Poetry Month. Thanks to Big Class, I received this poem by Akilah Toney. I was blown away and inspired by this budding activist. Akilah loves writing poetry, and has shown interested in the civil rights movements of the 20th century in her writing lately. I intend to support this young lady’s talent by providing books and personal resources when I can.


The Women Revolution

By Akilah Toney, Age 10, Big Class Open Studio


NO, I won’t wash your clothes

NO, I won’t fold

Yes, I will be bold

No, I won’t cook your food

Yes, I will fight this duel.

No blanket over the puddle for me

Yes, I just want to break free

but then again…


Yes, I will wash your clothes

Yes, I will neatly fold

No, I won’t cook your food medium rare

I wouldn’t dare.

Maybe it’ll change,

maybe the future will get rid of my silent rage.


big class girl revolution
Picture courtesy of Big Class

Akilah is in the Big Class Open Studio after school program, where she wrote the poem to be shared tonight on a pizza box as part of The Pizza Poetry Project. She attends ARISE Academy.

Big Class’s mission is to cultivate and support the voices of New Orleans’ young writers through creative collaborations with schools and communities. 

Happy National Poetry Month to all our inspiring young poets!


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