Foundation for Louisiana sets the Table for Equity

By Charmel Gaulden and Deirdre Gantt

In many of our communities, “talk” has a negative connotation:

“That’s just talk.”

“Talking out of both sides of your mouth.”

However, “Real Talk” matters.  Conversations among powerful people shape the policies that are enacted and the laws that affect our lives, positively or negatively.   Too often, women of color have been denied access to the conversations that impact us the most. Not only are we not at the table, but we are not in the room at all because we don’t even know what door to enter. Foundation for Louisiana (FFL) is committed to opening doors for women who want access to the room, the table and the power to create positive change for themselves and their families.

Deidre Gantt and editor talk womens issues and equity.
Deidre Gantt and editor talk women’s issues and equity with Oliver Thomas.


Over the next two months, Foundation for Louisiana is hosting an “Equity Caucus” to involve our communities in a conversation around equity. Residents just like you will team up with members of neighborhood associations, cultural organizations, nonprofits, and representatives from the public and private sector to plan strategies for improving equity in seven key areas of life.

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These priorities came out of community members’ discussions about the Claiborne corridor redevelopment. Their use in the Equity Caucus reflect FFL’s commitment to helping residents to take an active role in shaping how millions of dollars of investment will impact each of our lives. Even if you don’t live near Claiborne Avenue, these investments will have citywide and regional impact.

At the end of the two month planning process, groups of participants can submit a proposal that may be funded to put their “Real Talk” into action.

This conversation begins on Saturday, April 5, 2014 at the Equity Caucus Launch. We need you to be a part of that conversation. We have plenty to discuss!

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Register here. This is a family friendly event.  Feel free to bring your children. If you have any questions, please contact Deidre Gantt via phone at 225-772-2369 or email.