4 Reasons to Sign up for the Affordable Care Act


President Obama’s Affordable Care Act is not perfect, but there is no doubt in my mind that everyone needs healthcare. I’ve had more than my share of family members with health scares. The new law gives people a peace of mind they may not otherwise have had if they didn’t have health insurance. Here’s 4 reasons I think you should sign up for the Affordable Care Act. 



1) Genetics can be a Mutha –  Your mother is healthy and doesn’t look a day old. Great! But her mother, your grandmother, had early hearing loss. Let’s say this type of hearing impairment skips a generation and has landed on you. You may need surgery, a hearing aide, etc.  Genes are always impacting your body.

2) Catch a Problem Before it’s too Late – Unfortunately, I have many family members who waited too late to attend to their health. Now they live with chronic illnesses or they died. If you’re unsure if you should go to the doctor, you probably should.

3) Young Age is not a Guarantee of Good Health –  In 2013, I attended the funerals of two people under the age of 40 who died of illness. I know a woman under 35 who was diagnosed with breast cancer in both breasts. Health challenges can affect anyone at any age.

4) Peace of Mind  for You and Your Family – I attended graduate school in Massachusetts when the state’s groundbreaking healthcare law went into effect. I didn’t have healthcare at the time, but the school would not let me enroll for my final two semesters without enrolling in a plan.  I was pissed. I wasn’t even a resident of Massachusetts. Why are they making me get healthcare?  One semester I had an allergic reaction to a coconut-flavored entree I ordered. Soon I found myself needing treatment for symptoms that worsened fast. Without any family in town, we were relieved that I had healthcare coverage to get the immediate care. 

 Go to https://www.healthcare.gov/ or find a healthcare navigator in your community.