Meet DaVida Chanel

DaVida Chanel  is a writer, independent filmmaker, entertainment juggernaut and the visionary behind Hip Hop is Alive. She is also a member of Melanated Writers Collective. 

courtesy of  DaVida Chanel
courtesy of DaVida Chanel

Born & Raised or Transplant? Transplant – native of Plaquemine (city not parish), Louisiana


Day Job? Drama Enrichment Teacher


Dream Job? Producer (Film, TV, Stage, New Media)


Advice for tourists? Make friends with a local and visit their family for Mardi Gras…and don’t ever eat at Mother’s – Explore !


What I love about NOLA? I love the energy of the people, the feel of the neighborhoods and the musicality that is evident in every facet of the city’s culture.


What have you learned from living in NOLA? I am more resilient than I knew. New Orleanians  have a  type of resiliency I’ve never experienced anywhere else.


Most people don’t know I am shy and an  introvert.


If you could hear what someone was thinking for day, who would you choose? Why? I wish I could say some great philosopher or world leader, but today in this moment, I’d just like to hear the thoughts of the guy I dig to see if he digs me too!


 A BrassyBrown woman is the backbone of New Orleans!


Your life motto: Live in the moment. Learn and adapt to  changes.


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